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The Launch of Financial Literacy Month in Ottawa

The Saskatchewan Financial Literacy Network (SFLN) travelled to Ottawa at the beginning of November to participate in the launch of Financial Literacy Month.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Bank of Canada Museum to hear Ms. Jane Rooney (Canada’s Financial Literacy Leader), Ms. Lucie Tedesco (Commissioner of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada), and Mr. Stephen Poloz (Governor of the Bank of Canada) speak about the importance of improving the financial literacy of all Canadians.

Following the launch event, financial literacy networks from across the country met to discuss the recent events and initiatives that have been taking place in their respective provinces and cities to further promote and support financial literacy.

The SFLN is unique amongst the financial literacy networks because it is the only one that doesn’t receive government funding. While government funding can deliver a significant boost, it often comes with a lot of political strings attached, so the SFLN’s funding model was of great interest to many of the other networks gathered in Ottawa.

The SFLN’s recently launched new website (, the introduction of financial literacy classes into Saskatchewan’s high schools, a planned gathering of Saskatchewan’s financial literacy proponents in early 2019, and significant improvements to the SFLN’s operational activities were all topics of interest during the meetings.

2019 is going to be a great year for financial literacy in Saskatchewan, so make sure to visit the SFLN’s new website and sign up for our newsletter to stay updated!