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Welcome to the SFLN

One of the most essential skills of a persons life is the ability to manage personal finances. From saving and planning to budgeting and borrowing, it is important to know what you need to know and where to turn to for more information and advice.

Welcome to the Saskatchewan Financial Literacy Network. Our vision is to be the champion of financial literacy across Saskatchewan. Why? To increase the financial understanding and responsibility of individuals and to build economic strength and independence in our province.

Sound personal financial management puts individuals in control of their personal finances. It puts people in control of their lives and provides them with choices which is critical for personal and business success. The SFLN grew from an idea from within the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce to what is now a non profit organization with a dedicated board of directors who are experts in all aspects of the financial industry and who are passionate about advancing the financial literacy cause in Saskatchewan.

The SFLN is called a network because one of our mandates is to work collaboratively with stakeholders, people and organizations to build our collective web of information and resources. We invite you to browse the website and stay in touch with us by subscribing to the newsletter. You will receive up to date information on current resources, events and information and we encourage you to share your knowledge, your experience and your events to help the SFLN be a wealth of information for people seeking financial literacy information.

Randy Beattie, Chair
Saskatchewan Financial Literacy Network